Frankincense - Das Weihrauch Buch in englischer Sprache von Georg Huber

from the author Georg Huber 

It is no coincidence that frankincense has been used in spiritual rites as well as for treatment of diseases for thousands of years: Frankincense is a highly effective substance with a variety of unsuspected qualities. The german author Georg Huber is exploring and applying this “resin of the Gods” for many years. His standard reference work offers everything you need to know about frankincense. From the botanical facts about cultivation, harvest and diversity of varieties via the role in various cultures up to the latest medical findings. The primary focus is on the self-application: Numerous tutorials about the correct burning of frankincense as well as the production of teas, ointments and tinctures will give you the opportunity to experience the beneficial effect of frankincense for yourself.

Publisher: Jeomra Verlag
Release date: 2020
Pages: ca. 140 p., many pics.
Dimensions: ca. 15 x 22 cm
Cover: Softcover
Language: English
ISBN: 979-8629250418